Don’t you even recognize your own sister?!

My son fell asleep in the back of my car.  I used this as an opportunity to replace his little sister with this little guy…

Son Fell Asleep In The Back of the Car

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Shell Corporation gets Pranked by Greenpeace

A few weeks ago, Greenpeace snuck into the 2013 Belgian Grand Prix ceremony and planted two surprise banners.  They unveiled these banners at the post-race celebrations on Sunday via remote control.  The Shell representatives did not see it coming!


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Joak Tu Soon?

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Somebody snuck this into my office. I pooped myself when I saw it.

Scary Office Prank

Submitted by: Chris Z.

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Awww, they’re SO cute!

Be weary of what you buy at an outdoor market in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  When a man brought a newly purchased pair of toy poodles to the vet he quickly discovered that they were actually just ferrets… on steroids, reports the Daily Mail.

Fake Toy Poodles


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