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Horse Farm (funny email troll)

This gem comes from the hilarious dontevenreply troll.  Make sure to check out his other endeavors.

  • cynicalbrit

    Having worked on a farm for 157 years I can honestly say that this is a gross travesty against farming people everywhere. To even suggest that one could undertake the lake disposal of a horse without cutting it up, by using a truck, goes against everything that farming has stood for for the last 3000 years. And to think this man ever used to NOT use a shotgun? Hell even 150 years ago we had the revolver modification that shot all of the rounds at once. My gran’pa even let me use his 20 pronged pitchfork once. This man should be arrested, shot by a pistol so that he dies in a single shot and unceremoniously dragged into a pond without even the honor of a chainsaw burial or cinder-blocks. F*cking caveman.

    • Okay, I’ve worked on a farm for 158 years and obviously have had more experience than you. I think using “shotguns” is completely overrated. Every experienced farmer knows that there is no better way to take down a useless cow than with a few quick slishy-slashes of a samurai sword.

      • cynicalbrit

        I hope you don’t break the code of farm samurai honor. Any true farmer knows that if you use a weapon of the honorable orders you are required to allow the horse a fair opportunity at killing you as you attempt to kill him. You wouldn’t be breaking the ancient laws would you…I’m watching you!

        • theDorkie

          FYI: Playing Farmville does not make either of you real farmers.

          • cynicalbrit

            If I HAD a facebook account I’d say Touché.

      • fuckya

        Hey you stupid fucks I invented the farm, and my penis is bigger than yours.

    • Ghrt

      hey he only does these as jokes, this is the only farm one,  his website is so funny

  • TheDorkie

    FYI: playing Farmville does not make either of you real farmers.

  • hashmaster

    I heard the show Dexter was originally meant to be about a serial killer living on the farm doing part time database work and cutting databases as well as horses into half and flushing them down the toilet… but the network felt it would be too politically correct, and decided to revamp the show into what it is now.

    • yeah I heard that too, wasn’t Rita originally designated to play the role of the database? Oh well, she still ended up playing someone just as annoying.

  • Gm_Tom


  • MissingThePoint

    Couldn’t you lead the horses to the lake and THEN kill them?


    I also hate humanity and will happily harrass blameless strangers for kicks. The world is not doomed at all.