Fap Fappington: Tits or GTFO

  • Fap?

    Whats a fap? Can anyone tell me or demonstrate to me what a fap is? ANyone?

  • 3DD

    This man is genius.

    • I’m still awaiting a facebook friend confirmation but I’m pretty sure he is way out of my league 🙁

      • 3DD

        I think you have to have tits for him to accept you as a friend.

  • fap fappington

    fap is the sound of your hand hitting the bottom of the shaft of your penis meaning your masturbating

    • /b/rother

      Mind = Blown

  • The Mad Queefer

    Fyi, the person that Fap Fappington was in a relationship with was one Zane Hooper. He is a sexy beast.

  • Invitado

    Faping the Fap out of this Fap i just Fapped