Don’t you even recognize your own sister?!

My son fell asleep in the back of my car.  I used this as an opportunity to replace his little sister with this little guy…

Son Fell Asleep In The Back of the Car

  • Anan

    I think she looks just lovely.

  • Pete R File

    So, kids, did you enjoy your day at Disneyland?

    • daddy brought sleeping beauty home

      • lolsucha funny ass-troll i lov

        this is such a good site man, i love all the really funny trolls . ha ha i love how this kid just got totally TROLLED hah hah l;ol man such a good ass-troll. can i be a mod please?

        • Sure, whats your email address?

  • rosalie19

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  • Kobester Erhardt

    that boy on the right is actually the sister…. 😀