Oh no, I fell :(

Walmart Prank

Submitted by: Red Shirt Guy

  • Anonymous

    Are you fucking kidding me?


    Milk Drop Prank. Dated Feb 23, 2013. It’s Mar 25 2013.

    It was lame then, and more lame now. And why hasn’t the post I submitted months ago on here? Trolling is trolling, but recycling something about 30 days old is just a disgrace to this site.

  • KittehOfColor

    I love you so please don’t smite me Mr Troll…but isn’t this just a gif taken from the milk drop prank that’s already been posted? http://www.helpfeedthetroll.com/funnypranks/milk-drop-prank/

    • I love you too babe. To answer your question simply–no this is not a gif taken from the milk drop prank. In fact… the link that you provided is not even real! Have you tried clicking on it?


      • KittehOfColor

        Oh…hmmm…it was real…odd. Oh well…carry on trolling then Mr. Troll…my apologies. By the way…does you saying no further questions your honor make me a judge? If so where’s my gavel? I want to bang some stuff!

        • You want to bang some stuff? I think you and I could work something out…

          • KittehOfColor

            haha…what do you have in mind? 😛

  • Pete R File

    How DARE he waste chocolate milk!

    • African American milk*