Shell Corporation gets Pranked by Greenpeace

A few weeks ago, Greenpeace snuck into the 2013 Belgian Grand Prix ceremony and planted two surprise banners.  They unveiled these banners at the post-race celebrations on Sunday via remote control.  The Shell representatives did not see it coming!


  • poofca ndidate

    I lost it when the second banner started slowly raising itself LOL.

  • Guy

    Shell should stop producing fuel using dead Pandas.

    • That’s true. They should switch to live Pandas.

  • jon

    so dis site dead?

  • Michael

    This is fantastic! Though I doubt it will damage them very much. The problem with huge companies is that people rely on them so much that the small things people do for the benefit of the many seem to cause very little effect. There are too many people who will just sit around and do nothing because it’s easier than taking action.
    Still it was a good article, thank you for sharing. 🙂

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  • Kangaroo


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  • McBobson

    I dislike Shell and all that but it’s sort of a dick move by Greenpeace.