It is one thing if you guys troll and make fun of other people, make Haiti jokes, or are blatantly racist to one another… but what makes you think I would personally appreciate this sort of treatment?  My heart has been broken and I am strongly considering closing down the site.  Here I am trying to do something honorable and kind for the world and you suggest that I commit suicide??  I’m a human bean!

We all make mistakes, and the shuffle button maybe the worst one I have made yet.  But aren’t you guys going a bit overboard?  Anyways,  I have thought this through and this is what it all comes down to:

I have 3 Aleve resting in my sweaty hands and unless I get a written apology from Mr. Andrew in the comments below, this website will be down by midnight and I along with it.

Next time, take my feelings into acunt.

  • Solo Wooper

    =”( i would have fapped on that guy’s face.

  • Andrew

    Better play it safe and take the 20 Advil instead. Quantity over quality.

    • HFtT

      I’m sorry I’m not very good at interpreting social cues and words in general, is this your way of apologizing to me?

      • Andrew

        Better yet, if you have aspirin you can mix and match.

        • Guest

          Telling someone to go kill themselves is not really clever enough to be considered trolling. I can guarantee that every child has wished death upon someone while angry. So either all humans are trolls, or you just suck a lot of dick.

  • cynicalbrit

    You suggest we take your feelings into acunt. I suggest you take your feelings out on acunt.

  • 3DD

    Why take 3 or 20 advil when you could just take a swig of pure grain alcohol.

  • theDorkie

    instead of “honorable” i read “horrible”

  • Human_Being

    You are a human bean? Weird shit right there sir. I hope you never go into a hot tub.

  • Sarah

    Well, here’s a way to hack the system and get an apology out of him!

    Step 1: Release all of your pokemon.
    Step 2: Travel ON FOOT through the ENTIRE game world 20 TIMES.
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: PROFIT!

  • Anon

    Why take 3 or 20 advil or swig of pure grain alcohol when you could just take a horse’s erect cockpiece in your ass?

  • Anon

    Why not take the 20 aspirin with grain alcohol?

  • Anon

    Why not take the 20 aspirin with grain alcohol while taking a horse’s erect cockpiece in your ass?

  • LiveAtTiananmenSquare

    “im a human bean!” ahaha chuckie finster i remember that

  • /b/rother

    Die in a fire