HFtT Gets Featured

Yeah yeah I know.. who hasn’t heard of HELP FEED THE TROLL, right?  Well you’d be surprised.

For those of you that don’t know, this website is run by me–a single, disabled, veteran, morbidly obese, stay at home mother of  8.

I also have AIDS.

So it goes without saying that every little bit of help in getting HFtT’s name out there helps a ton.  A huge thanks goes out to ListSalad.com for featuring us on their home page.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, please return the favor.  You can find the featured article here.

  • lol


  • KittehOfColor

    Normally I don’t trust links with the word salad in them…but because it’s you HFtT…I think I can safely assume clicking that link won’t scar me for life or make me want to gouge my own eyes out or anything.

    • No worries, for once this was a heart felt and genuine post. Except for the “single, disabled, veteran, morbidly obese, stay at home mother of 8” part. I actually have 7 children but I wanted to invoke a sense of sympathy so I exaggerated a little.

      • KittehOfColor

        Hmm….I see what you did there. Very clever. You would have gleaned an even deeper sense of sympathy had you said you were widowed though. You should try that next time. Aren’t you worried people will confuse you with the octo-pussy* mom though.?

        *Not entirely sure I got this right…

  • Rage Quitter

    so your a single,disabled,veteran,morbidly obese mom of of 8. What if i told you i was a terminally ill cancer patient, who was raped by bears as a child, has no arms or legs and has testicular cancer, anorexic, blind, deaf and is searching for a women just like you to live out my last days with?