HFtT Trolls A Library Supervisor

Are books really food for thought?

Win? Fail? Let me know what you think in the comments =D.

  • Cookiesformatt


  • anon

    pretty random call rofl hilarious though

  • Zombiefetus

    Oh lawd.. So much win.. Just completely unoriginal..

    • Cookiesformatt

      its boring at first but gets awesome.

      • Zombiefetus

        I lold at the last sentance..

  • Guest

    SO boring. You are the Dane Cook of trolling.

  • notatroll

    What’s with the russian accent?

    • http://www.helpfeedthetroll.com/ HFtT

      its one of my favorites to do. You think I should drop it for next time?

      • notatroll

        I think you should replace it with an Asian accent instead. Asians are more persuasive, I don’t know why that is but it’s a fact!

  • Kaine

    Win. Last line was good.

  • Nhhg

    eh not that funny really

  • XxPurpleRainxX

    I didn’t think it was that funny, but it was a good try. 2*s out of 5*s

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NEYRMAGS6TF4FSOIURWPBA2SDY Zach R

    Books aren’t food? News to me this is. You can eat anything!

    Case-in-point: Your Mom’s vagina (because I know you do not have a girl friend, and if you did she is most likely an ugly beast who cannot prepare a proper sandwhiches).

    I’ve been living off that shit for years. Your Mom’s vagina that is.

    Also, since I know you fags are just waiting to ask, the answer is: “YES!”. You can eat dicks, but sparingly since nobody wants all the carbs. Unless you’re already fat, which most likely you are, then you should chow down.

    Since you are interested in long shafts, though. Might I add that shotguns are very good this time of year? A close-range deer slug is all the rage among the culinary community. All the celebrities are doing it, so why don’t you?