Somebody went around our Apple Store and set all the iPads to this image…

Spotted by: iPad Salesman

  • Trulzy

    This website is retarded and isn’t funny at all.

    Sent from my iPad.

    • Eclipse

      This guy… is an iTool.

      • lopo


      • I thought you had abandoned me… Its good to hear your feminine voice.

        • Eclipse

          Aww, thanks.

    • thebryguy

      You’re a retarded faggot that should die slowly in a fire.

      Sent from my PC.

    • Lrrr

      Did you use your iPad because you’re on the iRag?

  • Thegamemaster888

    question, do you guys know where it’s from???

    • It was submitted by a fan, we’re not sure exactly where it comes from.