Disguised Weapons Craiglist Trolling

Craigslist trolling with some stealth weaponry

Submitted by: fro.xfx
Trolled by:  Don’t Even Reply

  • notatroll

    mmmm…. Sprite!

  • That3qjh

    lol best troll on this whole site 😛

  • Nice warm cup of lead.


    I am laughing out loud.

  • Nigers

    Taken from http://www.dontevenreply.com
    Not cool.

    • you trollin? Do you not see “Trolled by: ” and a link to Don’t Even Reply?

      • Andrew

        He’s either trolling you or he’s retarded. !Ignore

  • FR4NCH3K

    LOL i would have bought all of ’em. What kind of concealed weapon would he want, i mean, most guns aren’t easily concealable, espically not the desert eagle .357

  • Gir6543

    not only is it very uncool to steal others material, this is freaking old. mega fail my moderator.

    its ok to post others stuff just plz credit them

    • how is it stealing if I link directly back to the source? (Trolled by: link to source) Do you have any idea how many images from this site are put up in other blogs? I’m actually grateful as long as they provide a link back.

      • *SIGH*

        don’t listen to these douchefags Mr. Troll. More backlinks = better ranking for the source in google. These assholes obviously do not really understand how the internets work.

  • Hey guys, this was originally trolled on http://www.dontevenreply.com. You shouldn’t rip straight from other sites, thats not cool. Just thought you should know 🙂

  • Hey, just letting you know that this is http://www.dontevenreply.com. You shouldn’t rip from other people’s sites.

  • DFRA

    @ some people commenting

    >implying that this wasn’t originally from Craigslist and that don’t even reply was the first to post it.

    • Bawwse

      don’t even reply WAS the first to post it. site owner/troll owner

  • Anus Licker

    I do this all the time. TSA ain’t got nothing on me.

    • Mike Ock

      Do what all the time? Lick Anuses?

      • Chris P. Bacon


  • BreadToes

    genius inventions. Wished there were more designs to the concealed weapons. Such as being able to pick coke instead of sprite. Sprite makes me gassy.

  • Crazyace

    I bet Jeff is also a loving christian…

  • anon

    XD I love Emails From An Asshole.

  • testmonster1


  • Anna


  • The Underdog

    lol awesome man

  • hunyanggzeeey

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  • Regan LL.M

    actually lmao!

  • Ronin_84

    Lol, that Jeff is such a fucking idiot! “You prob walk around with that shit too.” Oh, you mean the real weapons that he (unlike you) actually owns? LMAO

  • Bob Beer

    Some people just have no sense of humor. 🙂

  • Kobester Erhardt

    I have an idea for a weapon, Tape a piece of paper around a knife saying: Not a knife. And boom! You got yourself the perfect weapon <3

  • Kobester Erhardt

    You should try taking the hidden spoon into a police station for breakfeast. XD

  • Fuck her in the pussy


  • Jim Gordan

    Haha haha classic

  • fakename


  • CTOH