Forever Alone Involuntary Flashmob

Forever Alone

  • guest

     awwww. this is sad.

    • Betty Cracker

      I agree. Whoever did this has a whole lotta time of their hands, because this seems like way too much work. Anyone with a life can’t pull this off, but most trolls are miserable people trying to make other people miserable so I’m not surprised. Look, I’m not a downer I just think this is stupid thing to do for a 5 second laugh.

      • Betty Cracker

         whole lotta time *on their hands.

        • your poor grammar only further supports my theory.

          • Betty Cracker

            Fine be that way.

          • slacker

             don’t be a noob, you are on a troll website after all.

      •  Based on your comment I can safely assume that you’re the Asian dude with the rose in the above pic.

        • JAM


  • Mira

    I wish I lived in New York so I could of seen this. 😀  

  • YomMa

    Betty Cracker is right.  These trolls are just as sad as these men. 

    Trolling usually is funny because we laugh at the misery of others.  However, the best trolling is temporary misery for the victim that he/she can laugh about later.  This, on the other hand, is like kicking someone when they’re down.  It’s just pathetic…and that’s not funny.

    • smoothmoovs

       Actually, there’s an article that you can find about this that says most the guys that ended up being fooled to go to this laughed about it after.

    • thats right

      theres also an article about how nobody cares what you think. 

  • Funny_Trolls

    aww no one is doing it anymore lol