Japanese Cooties

  • Really? HFtT, stop posting stale shit. This clip is several months old. It was never funny. It’s vore porn.

    • I just made him mod. Let this be a lesson to all of you.


      • I only commented on that because I am a voreophile and you are posting porn on your site.

        • In order for me to go ahead with this I need ya to create an official “Disqus” account (I know, gayyyy). Reply to this comment using that account and I’ll make it mod.

          • Ok. So how do I make the account? I have it linked to my Yahoo! Account.

            EDIT: Well, I may need to change my account, since Yahoo! may have brought down the banhammer on my current account.

          • Logout of your current account. Write a reply, click “Post As” go to the Disqus tab and register a new account.

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