Mr. Touchy’s Patented Real-Life Trolling Technique

ABC7’s Dan Noyes was following up on allegations that Honda administrators used money from the Patient Gift Fund — funds donated to patients — to buy catered meals and airline tickets, among other things.  That’s when Honda’s chief of community relations/trolling stepped in…

  • Andrew

    What a badass. I’m not sure if I could do that on-camera for fears of being sued. Good for him to stand up for his fellow employees!

  • ChuckNorris

    If I was the anchor man i would have knocked that guy out with my chin the second he touched me twice and then go back and invade Honda and steal back the money for hospital patients with my bare hands.

    • Rcopley2

      then it’s investigative journalism

  • Non

    That guy is evil.

  • lpt01

    Haha the anchorman should stop pissing his pants over such lil things. It’s pathetic, go Mike/Mark/Whats your name?, go you..

  • inky

    ogod, hilarious.
    heee’s touchiiiiiing meeeee!

  • windycity111

    i like how the woman is smiling in the background like this has happened before

  • GT

    Somebody should shoot that news idiot

  • Tailwhip00

    Americans… talk about nuts i mean someone falls down on your sidewalk, SUE TIME, Someone tapps you on the shoulder, TIME TO SUE, wtf is wrong with you, my gosh

  • Anon

    I don’t get it. We’re calling the Honda guy the troll?
    To me it seems like he’s the only rational one there…

  • Anonymous

    Haha, he’s a hero. I love him.

  • Trolled


  • iHeartiHeartT’s

    I would’ve just copied every single thing he did. The lady with the camera phone should just keep the shot on Dan all the way.

  • MissingThePoint

    How do you patent that?