Drake Bell Trolls Justin Bieber Fans

Drake Bell angers Justin Bieber fans

  • Bieberconda? Maybe it’s just me but DrakeBellEnd has a much better ring to it

    • Your butt’s attorney

      Wich means you tried both? Fuck your life then … 

  • Emilylowe99

    Yikes Im a Bieber fan and what Drake did was very rude but not all fans would be that mean to him… im not! I mean ya i lost tons of respect for Drake that day but Im not going to swear at him about it he just needs to think before he talks.. Love ya Bieber

    • Not-a-Belieber

      He wasn’t rude, he was exposing the fans’ lack of intelligence.

  • Rawr

    This guy is my new hero, just for the “proper grammar” comment.

  • DrakeYouFucker

    That fucking idiot, even though I don’t really like Justin Beiber, what he did was stupid. Why would he tweet about it for the world to see when he could just keep his opinions to himself? I used to like Drake Bell from Nickelodeon when I was 11. My childhood was ruined. Fuck you, Drake. I thought you’re a good person.

    • Your Mother

      Lol Bieberfag

    • Not-a-Belieber

      ‘Twas the day no one gave a fuck.

    • guesting around

      I watched that show too. he is now a greater “role-model” today than he was then

  • there are no names here

    I like how Beliebers use ”jealous” as an insult.

  • Jayjayperkins

    um…. I heart bieber drake needs to get over himself

    • Haha

      The day Justin Bieber hits puberty is when you’ll stop hearting her haha.

  • Drake Bell is amazing for this. His career may basically be dead, but honestly he has every right to be annoyed. He has much more musical prowess and even acting prowess than Justin Bieber and that kid gets millions of dollars. His songs honestly make me wonder if our would has any sense left in it and the fact that they are the 2cnd most popular videos on youtube confirms my lament. 

  • youmakemedizzymisslizzy

    Both of these people suck, but only one of them doesn’t have psychotic fanatics. And hey, I don’t have to listen to either of their acting/singing dribble, because it’s Twitter. People just proved his trolling point.

  • AlexJones4President1995

    all beebur fans are fucking ultra faggots even girls. i hope that everyone who likes beebur has a child that dies of cansur. 

    • Guest

      I hate Bieber and his faggy fans, but that’s a terrible thing to say to someone. What if your kid got cancer? You don’t know how devastating it is to lose your children.

  • Number1BeaverFan


    • Not-a-Belieber

      By commenting on here, you do realize you only verify Drake Bell’s arguments, right? Ha ha Bieberfag…


        he’s fucking with you… you know that right?

  • Not-a-Belieber

    All Bieber fans are immature and rabid teenage girls that lack intelligence. You see it all the time in their posts. Funny how they can’t summon up a decent insult/argument.

    “Fuck u justin bieber is so cute and talented u r just jelus and u have no life hatin him. he has a bigurr dick then u” <—typical response of a belieber

    Thanks Drake Bell, keep making those teens butthurt.

  • jeahzzoof

    Make love not war

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  • raistlistin

    all the fans of that talentless hack bever should be killed for the crime of corrupting the human gene pool with stupid

  • Guest

    he probabally sleeps well at night…

  • knjm

    this is hilarious considering none of them can spell!

  • Ed

    Why do most of these comments have the same picture

  • Neil D

    The Bieber fans are being really stupid by viciously attacking Drake Bell back. It only further proves his point. Turn the other cheek.

    • Neil D

      Wait, why do I get a troll face? LOL.