Jewcat confesses to WTC massacre.

Spotted by: Taboo

  • Eclipse

    This isn’t even a Troll… You’re site has changed. YOU SUCK.

    • HFtT


      • Eclipse

        Thank you. I still stand by what I said.

        • Cookiesformatt

          Eclipse… isn’t that a twilight movie?

          • Cheddar

            Or a natural phenomenon.

          • 3DD

            Well, we’re going to go with Twilight movie. So with my fantastic skills of deduction; I conclude that he must be a homosexual.

          • elraver

            It is also gum.

  • Roy

    I love you HFtT, this is the best site ever made.

    • HFtT

      My love for you has no bounds. If you weren’t just a comment, I’d suggest we have babies.