Retard Pills

Do they make retard pills? (yahoo answer troll)


The retard levels contained in this product were slightly lower than the levels naturally produced by my body, thus effectively making me temporarily LESS retarded.  Would not use again.

  • steveblob

    … I’m confused … why does this person think they need the pills again?

    • I’m not sure why he does, but you most certainly don’t.

      • steveblob

        ah i know ^^ I’m very proud of my state of mental ware thank you, certainly saves pill money

    • Stating the Obvious

      so he could bang his cousin. DUH

  • Sirch

    it’s called alcohol.

  • Ben Baer

    I don’t think the person asking the question needs them.

  • MissingThePoint

    Making yourself stupid doesn’t make talking to stupid people easier. Trust me. I know.