Shower poopin’

  • tevaR


    Who poops in the shower? Isn’t that what the sink is for?

  • Prototype (Alex Mercer)

    My poop is so white, it just bleaches the tub. Before me, they made only black tubs. Then of course, everything turned to racism. Just like this form, black letters go on the white property.

    • *african american tubs

  • Note that she loves Justin Bieber. This actually may be for real.

    • Trollpig


  • Annie

    Yes, it is completely normal, keep doing what you are doinh however you should bring all your friends over to use your tub as it will teach them on how to be normal, then you will not be an lonely hillbilly

  • Trololololol

    He poops in the shower, i fap in the shower